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Meet Teresa

Our Founder & Chief Caffeinator

Teresa-P-12 copy.jpg


Seems like I've always loved coffee... from my first sips at 7 years old to my first Barista gig.  After graduating Michigan State, I built my experience in the business and education fields while stoking my entrepreneurial spirit and envisioning the shop I would create one day.


While drafting plans for Espresso Elevado, I roasted coffee at home and volunteered for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).  Since opening the shop in 2011, I have taught roasting, brewing, and sensory classes at SCA, done private consulting, and also created the original Continuing Ed. coffee curriculum at Schoolcraft Community College. 


I love the art and science involved with making great coffee! 

If you want to hear more, read my Go Solo story!


Favorite coffee:  Straight-up pour-over brew, especially an aromatic natural Ethiopian.

Best thing about small biz:  Being able to serve and have a positive impact on our community.

Most influential business book:  The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber


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